Psychological Assessments- Using iPads!

From intake to parent debriefing, we offer specialized Assessment Services to evaluate your child's academic, social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral well-being.  Using a strength based approach we will help you better understand the way your child learns, thinks, and behaves to better support them in the home and school settings.   

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School Consultation & Class Observation     (3 hours)

With expertise in how children learn and behave we can offer strategies to support teachers in supporting their students.  Already have an assessment completed?  We can help communicate written reports to school personnel to make strategies and recommendations meaningful for your child's unique situation.

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ADHD Depession Anxiety

Social Emotional & Mental Health Screening      (6-8hrs)

Wondering if your child has symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety or Depression?  Our qualified therapists can assess your child's symptoms and help determine if the behaviors are typical for the age group or identify concerns requiring intervention.  We can assist you with the necessary resources and tools to help your  child manage symptoms and be successful.

Children in Playground

Intellectual, Academic & Social Emotional Assessment

Complete Psycho-Educational Assessment using ipads and the latest technology (12.5hrs).

Need an assessment for your child's school?  Your child will love using an ipad to complete the Cognitive and Achievement/Academic assessments in a child friendly area.  We help support your child's learning at school and positive adjustment at home.

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