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Separation & Divorce

Practice Note 7 Interventions

1. THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTIONS:  To make changes in the family dynamics by reducing conflict, facilitate parenting agreements, revise existing parenting plans, support to children in managing the stress related to high conflict, or repair damaged parent-child relationships.  All interventions billed at$375 per hour.

A. Co-Parent Counselling Includes an education component to assist parents in better understanding the impact of separation and divorce on their children, while developing an agreed upon parenting plan.  

  • 12 hours 

B.  Parent-Child Reunification (20 hours) - relationship repair when a parent has been out of a child’s life for a period of time or there has been protective gate-keeping or alienation (parental withdrawal, ineffective parenting or restrictive interference). 

C. Therapeutic Intervention with One Parent– counselling for an individual parent who is seen as creating difficulty for the child/ren or who is impeding the ability to reach resolution on parenting issues.  The parent may also be seen to address their own issues which are impeding cooperation and progress.  Includes an education component as well as assisting the parent to develop coping skills, processing grief and having a more realistic view of the impact their behavior has on the child.

  •   6-8 hours

 D. Therapeutic Intervention with Child– focus on helping the child with adjustment related to the separation/divorce; grief/loss; development of coping strategies.

  •  8 hours:  2 sessions (one with each parent); 4 sessions with the child; 2 hrs report

E. Therapeutic Intervention with Parents and Child - focus on assisting the family in improving communication and cooperation to facilitate a change in the relationships to meet the emotional needs of the family members. The development of a parenting plan may also be a result of this intervention.     

  • 12 hours 

2. EVALUATIVE INTERVENTIONS– To provide Information to the Court.


A. Triage– evaluation of the family dynamics to provide recommendations to the court

concerning the type of intervention that may best meet the needs of the family.  

  • 12 hours


B. Voice of the Child– provides an objective third party report of a child’s wishes and

considerations required to best meet the child’s developmental needs. This process is designed to obtain the child’s opinions regarding the current schedule with his/her parents, the family situation and/or place of residence.  The process will also identify any pressures he/she may be under and if they appear to be unduly influenced by others to provide certain opinions. 

  • 12 -15 hours 

AFCC referral list: referral-list

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